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Samantha John aka Sammy Jo early in her career had a brief stint at Trinidad and Tobago Radio Network, after steadily climbing the media industry ladder for a few years she settled into her anchor seat at the CCN TV6 news room. Miss John is now the number one anchorwoman in the country.

Sammy Jo is passionate about all things related to the performing arts; she loves the challenge of acting and always wished she had the vocal cords of a singer.

She has made the move back to radio with the hot new radio station STAR 947, and in terms of career goals the sky is the limit for this young woman.

Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton is her favorite song, but...

Val is about the fundamentals, of which the most important is simply, music. He’s a Scorpio who hails from Barataria, Trinidad, and loves his Mommy.

Wanna date him? No? Ah well...

As a kid he was inspired by his uncle who DJ-ed for events. At weddings especially, he remembers being amazed at all the different types of music that could be played together, like rock, funk, and disco… He began DJ-ing himself at around 12 years old, and landed his first paying gig at 15.

Thank goodness because Val’s not an 8 to 4 kinda guy. He tried a job at a bank once in 1996, but, well, that didn’t work out. His only other notable non-music job would be a stint selling ladies lingerie...