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Robert Nathan Mohammed was once quoted as saying; playing music is like second nature to him, hence the name 2nd nature. He grew up in St Joseph with parents who lived by music & one elder brother who is an aspiring musician, as a child Robert quickly developed a profound liking for music.


At the tender age of five, he played his first instrument, a box guitar. Robert strummed his box guitar along to music from bands like Metallica, Def Leppard, Offspring & Nirvana.


His early teen years were spent familiarizing himself with as many music genres of the world as possible, noting every instrument; it’s tone, timing & chord structure....

Outspoken, Charismatic, and a true free spirit. She dances, she's an actress, she has her own production company, and she is the LIVE host that keeps you entertained and informed everyday on STAR947...She is Abeo, or as we to lovingly call her Abi (With an I).

Abi is a south girl and a true Naps girl, and proud of it too! She studied Concentration in acting and directing, Theater and Dance at Dickinson University and on scholarship to booth!

Our Abi is a beautiful, Strong, Independent woman who will tell you as it is every time!
To STARnation she is known as the Rasta Barbie, an irreplaceable member of TeamSTAR!

Allan Gray epitomizes the phrase “I march to the beat of my own drums.” The self proclaimed Mr. Spontaneous was living a very comfortable life in the US, but abruptly decided that he was ready to return to the only true home he will ever know, Trinidad and Tobago.

Allan packed all his belongings into two barrels, shipped them home, and since then he has been a part of TTRN where he is Production Manager and now afternoon drive announcer with Star 947 HD.

Being a huge fan of sports, Allan loves Football, as a spectator and a player. He also follows American Football. With a fear of putting on weight, this guy tries his best to always eat healthy; it’s almost like an...

Ash is not only beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well, she’s down to earth, friendly, and has a smile that can melt a glacier.


She has one goal when she’s on television or radio and that is to inform, educate and entertain, while using her fun loving, zealous,“people persons” qualities, grabbing the attention of the audience and captivating them.


She’s had a very fruitful career thus far in both television and radio and the best is yet to come for this ambitious young lady.

She’s trained in Indian Classical Dance, African Dance, she’s Directed Hindu Oriented plays.


When she’s not in front a camera or on a...