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Miley might join cast of Two and a Half Men

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"Two and a Half Men" might be adding some girl power to the line up as Miley Cyrus is rumored to appear on the show next season.

According to a source, the actress/singer will play the love interest of the show's "half man," Jake Harper played by Angus T. Jones. E! News reports that she will appear in several episodes as a new girl who catches Jake's eye.

Her part on the hit CBS show will welcome the "Hannah Montana" star back to the small screen after she hung up her "Hannah Montana" wig back in January 2011.

"Two and a Half Men" is just the latest news for Cyrus. In addition to her work in the big-screen FBI-themed comedy "So Undercover," set for release later this year, she has also been busy planning her wedding to fellow star Liam Hemsworth and working on a new album.