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Kern Rose working in overdrive

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Kern Rose is a man of many talents, but the one he is probably best known for is his music video directing and editing skills. Kern has worked with a wide range of local talent over the years including Chucky, K.I, Kimba Sorzano and Swappi.

His latest project with Shurwayne Winchester, a video clip for “Bikini” ne the Summer Bubbie riddim is completed and will be released on the 19th of August at Coco Lounge.

 Kern will fly to Venezuela later this month with Mr Renzo to shoot two videos in 3 days for both the English and Spanish versions of his track "Get Loose".

He is also working on a project with a local artiste and an International Grammy Nominated Artiste.

Kern’s full schedule also includes doing a music video for Swappi & Ravi B’s "Doh Sticky", a K Rich video for an upcoming carnival track and possibly another for Shurwayne Winchester.