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Kern Rose introduces Marshon

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2012 will be the year that Kern Rose returns to the music world. Rose is known in the entertainment industry for his high quality and highly entertaining music videos. He has directed videos for the likes of Chucky, KI, Swappi and Bunji Garlin.

Before he made his name in the music video world, Kern was an artiste, and while still keeping video a priority, Rose is making his return as a musician.

After writing popular songs like Bend right over for Buhwamoder and My Bad Thing for Chucky last year, Kern penned “Wifey Less” for himself, his first release for the 2012 Carnival season under the name Marshon.

Wifey Less was produced by London Future and the music video will be released soon.

Kern is also working on music videos for Bunji Garlin, Kimba Sorzano and Marshon plans to release two more songs in the near future.