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Going for world sound with going for gold song

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   “Going for Gold” the official theme song for Olympic Team T&T got the international touch from producer Arbise “Motif” Gonzales,   the man who’s behind Grammy award winning rapper Pitbull.

         The journey started in Trinidad at Rama studios with an original composition penned by Machel Montano and Kernal Roberts and  ended in Miami, Florida at the Motif’s studio.

         Kernal Roberts, in defending the music said that the intention was to create a world sound and not just stick with hardcore soca even though the steelpan is featured in “Going for Gold.”

         Co producer Roberts admitted that  he and Machel had a problem finding the most appropriate studio in Trinidad with the best technology  and that is why they travelled to Miami  for the greater part of  production effort from Motif.

          “Going for Gold” is the first single from an album of the same name, which will be released in time for the 50th anniversary of Independence.