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Drake drops big bucks on new home

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Drake has a new place to call home.  He just dropped $7.7 million on a new mansion in the Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles.

  While others are suffering in this economy, the shifty real estate market helped Drake save himself a bunch of money.

 Even though he purchased the house for nearly $8 million, the amount is a close to a $20 million drop from the $27 million sticker price.

This year Drake has been heavy on his touring game, and has dabbled in the movie world. He recently wrapped up his Club Paradise trek, and appears in the fourth installment of the Ice Age animated flicks, which grossed $46 million over the weekend.

  Now that he's officially has a Los Angeles zip code, Drake can count both Rihanna and Chris Brown as extended neighbors. Here's hoping they won't have any more awkward run-ins at a local nightclub.